Landing has served and is serving some customers

To provide legal services for the listing of the Hong Kong mainboard (China) limited

He is a perennial legal adviser to Japan's grand cosmos corporation, a listed company in Japan

To provide legal services for the acquisition of a joint venture company of mitsubishi electric co., LTD

To provide legal services to a taiwan-funded rubber company in nantong, Japan's marubeni corporation (fortune 500)

To provide legal services for the purchase of the famous apparel enterprise of the famous apparel company, the company, in Osaka, Japan

Entrusted by the government of Japan's kumamoto prefecture, the sole agency for the protection of bear's intellectual property rights

Served as the general counsel of the Japanese consulate general in Shanghai

He is a perennial legal adviser to Japan's minda co., a listed company in Japan

Served as the legal adviser of Japan's sakata seedling co., LTD., a listed company in Japan

Acting as legal adviser to the Japan development bank

To be the annual legal adviser of yamaha musical instrument (China) investment co., LTD

Served as the legal adviser for Toyota motor parts company of Japan

He is a perennial legal adviser to the world's top 10 auto parts companies

To provide legal services for the investment of Japan aixin machinery co., LTD. (TOP3 auto parts enterprise) in China

Served as the legal adviser for Japan's maruha corporation (Japan's top 1 aquatic food company)

To provide legal services for mitsubishi ufj bank of Japan in Shanghai

To provide legal services to the Shanghai office of the Japan trade revitalization corporation (Japan's official agency)

Bank of communications

Platinum group hotel group

Served as legal adviser for China petroleum engineering construction co., LTD

Served as permanent legal adviser to Great Wall motor co., LTD

Served as an annual legal adviser to OPPO's Indian subsidiary

To provide legal opinions for China CAMC Engineering Co.,Ltd

Issue a legal opinion for China iron innings group co., LTD

Due diligence was commissioned by China datang group India

Shanghai tunnel engineering co., LTD

Served as the annual legal adviser to the Indian subsidiary of China inspection and certification group

She is a perennial legal adviser to meizu's Indian subsidiary

Deal with taiyuan heavy industry co., LTD. Contract dispute case

Provide legal services for China kunlun India investment project

Set up a joint venture framework for tsing tuo group co. LTD

Provide legal opinions for China tianlun gas holding co., LTD

To issue wealth management legal solution for agricultural bank of China

The bank of China has been involved in the handling of major financial claims disputes involving family enterprises

Served as the legal adviser for many financial products such as huitong finance, Shanghai branch of bank of communications

Shanghai haitong securities asset management company multi - asset management plan review and assistance design

Served as legal adviser to fund management limited, everbright prudential fund management co., LTD., guohai franklin fund management co., LTD

Huatai asset management company insurance fund domestic and overseas investment plan legal adviser

Legal adviser to everbright securities co., LTD

Acting as legal adviser to the insurance company of saic

Acted as legal adviser to jiaxing trust financing consultant project

Ping an fund management company asset management plan review

Aian fund set up issuing and corporate governance

Hengsheng chemical industry m&a and corporate governance

Provide legal services for the corporate governance of Shanghai information technology co., LTD. And suzhou nano-technology co., LTD

Shanghai pudong software park to issue corporate debt and corporate equity restructuring

To provide legal services for the assets reorganization of eastern airlines subsidiaries

Management and equity incentive plan of the lankey group in chengdu

Kunshan tangsheng machinery (group) equity incentive plan

To provide legal advice for the equity restructuring of Shanghai shengke instruments company

Acting suzhou daily fine technology co., LTD

Corporate governance and equity disputes in renewable resources

To provide legal services for the acquisition of a private enterprise project in shandong province

To purchase asset project for Shanghai confidence electric co., LTD

To purchase asset projects for XJ Electric Co.,Ltd

Yinhe holding co., LTD. Acquired the due diligence investigation of anhui west lake property co., LTD

Control of the company and disputes with bertelsmann logistics service

Huangpu river ship collision major maritime accident and insurance claims case

Verforster (China) investment co., LTD., LTD., in charge of entrusted loans to nanjing c&b

Stock pledge asset management dispute handling

Acted as legal adviser to Shanghai securities journal and youth daily

As a legal consultant of suzhou shaanxi chamber of commerce, Shanghai astiq automation co., LTD., suzhou estik automation co., LTD., suzhou jiedi nano technology co., LTD

Provide debt restructuring and crisis relief for large guarantee companies and real estate companies

Issue wealth management planning, inheritance planning, insurance planning, trust plan, etc

Provide legal advice for the wealth risk management of many high net worth individuals

Many family divorce analysis, equity division, inheritance dispute case

A number of well-known entrepreneurs and other people divorce cases