Overview of Landing

Shanghai landing law  offices is the leader of "human cooperation". With the principle and concept of "specialization, relative scale and management standardization", we strive to develop into a comprehensive large scale of 100 people. In line with the commitment to professional skills, to advocate a complementary principle, the main two lawyers, according to the professional clear division of labor between team members, attention and deep understanding of customer needs, to ensure that every customer requirements by the related areas of professional lawyers. From the existing proposed merger lawyer personnel professional, a capital market can be civil and commercial litigation, intellectual property, foreign investment, finance, real estate, criminal litigation, Internet, and many other professional legal services team, led by experienced partners, equipped with professional lawyers and assistant to provide professional services to our customers. At the same time, the teams support each other and share resources to ensure the best professional services. From the experience of the partner, the quality of the partner and the higher degree of education, having overseas study or having held a certain position in the judiciary and government functions, have the foundation of "human being".

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