The legal points of European football club acquisitions

Date: 2017-11-08





Close to a period of time, the heat of the sports industry investment is higher and higher, but the domestic sports industry marketization degree is not high, systematic, ownership issues more prominent, so many domestic institutions and capital investment targets are looking for a particularly high degree of marketization of sports industry in overseas, especially in European football club, at present a lot of Europe's leading European football clubs have the figure of China's capital. The lecture invited Shanghai lanlan law firm zhang bing lawyer as the main guest. Lawyer zhang is a professional lawyer in the sports industry and has the qualification of basketball agent. He will share the club's current market, problems and legal issues.

Education at the same time, the lecture also invited city sports department making law lectures, research committee, director of the lawyer as an arbitrator of international sports arbitration court, wu combining it with long service at home and abroad top club of rich experience, share purchase may encounter in the foreign club domestic investors legal problems in the process of litigation. In addition, through the interpretation of the latest policies and regulations on the sports industry in China and Europe, the merger risk is analyzed from the legal perspective.

Keynote speaker

Guest speaker:Zhang bing (senior partner of Shanghai law offices)


Keynote speaker: wu wei (director of the sports business research council, education)


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